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Where To Buy Security Signs ((FULL))

Imagine this: there have been a ton of burglaries in your neighborhood. As a result, your neighbors have started to post fake home security signs all over their front yards and in visible areas around their homes.

where to buy security signs

The tricky issue is knowing whether using these fake signs might actually work. Sure, they might deter a burglar, but will they actually help protect your home? And if enough people are using them, will burglars not take them seriously?

In order to decide whether you want to use fake home security signs, you need to know what the potential pros and cons of using them are. This way, you can decide if you want to go this route or use another security strategy.

Another big issue with fake security signs and fake decals is that it might be illegal to use them. Depending on your state and jurisdiction, the copyright issue might get you in trouble with the security company. You might have to pay a fine or go to jail.

Depending on what copyright laws are like where you live, it might be illegal for you to have a fake ADT sign. In addition to being potentially illegal, it might also not be allowed by your housing development or neighborhood.

Your home security measures such as CCTV cameras, dogs, motion detectors, etc. may go in vain if potential intruders are unaware of their presence. Home security signs communicate that you have adopted measures to protect your people and property, and thus, deter miscreants. These signs also act as safeguards by protecting you to a reasonable extent from liabilities if anyone gets hurt on your property.

Yards, front lawns, and driveways are the right places to install home security signs, which should be installed about 12-18 inches off the ground and facing the traffic flow to enjoy maximum visibility. You may also want to install home security decals on doors and windows to further alert potential criminals and put-up rigid signs on outdoor walls and fences.

Our home security yard signs are available as a kit and designed to last over 10 years outside. The kit comes with a 40 mils thick aluminum sign printed with 3M inks and a bend-proof enamel coated 3ft steel stake. Cleat UV laminate on the sign enhances its resistance to UV rays, chemicals, water, and abrasion

We offer color options for our home security Signature and ShowCase signs. You may choose between standard and reversed green or burgundy Signature home security signs. ShowCase signs are available in four color variants - burgundy, forest green, red, and blue.

Our home security signs come with predrilled holes and can be easily mounted on the walls with the help of screws or fastened to fences with wires. For installation in the ground, you may opt for our home security yard signs that come with a stake or order sign posts and sign bases separately.

The security vehicle magnets are available in standard and highly visible reflective lettering. The reflective magnets are produced using high quality reflective material that you see on emergency vehicles. A perfect solution for the security professional who needs to be able to mark their vehicle, but have the flexibility to remove it when off duty. The magnetic signs are used by security guards, church security, school security and neighborhood watch vehicles across the country.

Our Security Signs for business or security signs for home, are a vital way in maintaining you health and safety and help to keep the workplace secure. We have a wide range of Security Signs including 'beware of the dog signs' , 'electric fencing signs' and CCTV Signs.

Defend your home with our home security signs or building site with our construction security signs. Not only do our signs security deter criminals such as anti-climb paint signs, it is important to display our Signs of Security as legal cover by making sure people are aware they are being filmed by video surveillance or other dangers such as a dog on premises.

See our large range of home security warning signs and construction site signs security and protect your private property from vandalism, theft and other criminal activities in and around your property.

With discount savings of up to 35% automatically applied at the checkout, trade prices, free delivery options and hassle-free returns, it's no wonder The Sign Shed is one of the UK's fastest-growing health and safety signs suppliers.

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You can walk into almost any home improvement store or hardware store and pay about $10-$20 to buy a fake security sign and some window stickers. You might even be able to get a knock-off sign online with the name of a real company. Having that fake sign and the added stickers will certainly keep burglars from entering your home, right? After all, who would dare break into a home that has a generic sign saying there is a security system? Well, an experienced thief might attempt to do just that once they realize your signs are fake.

There are a couple of benefits to purchasing a fake home security sign. It will take you only a few minutes to stick your fake signs out in the yard and put the stickers on your window and doors. And maybe, just maybe you will get lucky with your fake signs. A would-be burglar might see your sign and stickers and decide to pass your house by.

The negatives far outweigh the positives of relying on fake security signs to secure your home and family. An experienced burglar can usually figure out whether your sign is fake. A thief with a smartphone could easily blow your cover. A burglar that is suspicious of your sign could search the company name in Google and pull up store advertisements of fake security signs. Additionally, if your home is broken into, those fake security signs are not going to be able to alert you or a monitoring center to send the police, either.

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