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The Last Of Us 5... !FULL!

Episode 4 of THE LAST OF US delivered another series high Sunday night, with 7.5 million viewers across HBO Max and linear telecasts. Viewership was up 17% from Episode 3 last Sunday and 60% above the series debut night in January. Viewing is based on Nielsen and first party data. The series has grown its audience each Sunday night with the release of new episodes.

The Last of Us 5...

Super Bowl LVII featuring the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles (go birds, I guess) will begin Sunday, Feb. 12 at 6:30 p.m. ET on Fox. This NFL championship game is typically the most watched television broadcast in North America each year and lasts three and a half to four hours long, pitting the climax of the game right up against the middle portion of The Last of Us episode 5. 041b061a72


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