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Buy Vintage Arcade Games

Looking for a great spot for a party or event? Vintage Arcade Superstore has a showroom of over 50 arcade games and pinball machines right in Glendale that you can rent out for your event!

buy vintage arcade games


I (ordered a) 1983/1985 combo-pack Star Wars/Empire Strikes Back arcade game that Gene and his amazing team fixed and restored for me in a brilliantly fast amount of time! And they delivered it safe and sound to my home!

Gene sold me a wonderful and trouble-free 50 arcade games in one stand up arcade unit, and my kids and I always compete to see who gets the highest score. I recommend you visit Vintage arcade and buy the arcade game you always loved playing as a kid.

LIST UPDATED 11-7-22. Check back frequently for our updated list of refurbished pinball machines for sale. Most all of our vintage pinball machines have been completely refurbished to include playfield dismantling, cleaning, waxing, and rubbering. New LED bulbs installed, cabinet cleaned, detailed, and touched up as needed. In addition, most all faulty electronic board and wiring have been replaced and upgraded to ensure a long lasting family-fun pinball machine. Please inquire for exact details on the below refurbished pinball machines for sale:

Joystix has provided arcade games for rent and classic arcade video games to Houston and the surrounding areas since 1987. Our company got its start in a two car garage with a stuffed animal crane as our first machine. Thanks to our exceptional customer service and outstanding customer loyalty, we are now one of the largest retailers in the country.

While here at PrimeTime Amusements we tend to deal with brand new arcade sales, we have done our share of classic game sales too. In fact, games in this class have become one of our most requested items for purchase. Games we often get requests for include:

Shawn Surmick has been an avid collector since the age of 12. He started his first eBay business known as electrogames at the age of 19 that catered to vintage video game collectors and enthusiasts. He currently resides in his hometown of Boyertown, Pa., and is a passionate collector of antiques and collectibles. His articles focus on various topics affecting the marketplace.

Arcade Gamer is an initiative by the team at to bring the latest and most loved Arcade1Up machines to Australia. With over 50+ years of experience in bringing the latest consumer electronics to market, we're fuelled by our love of gaming, technology and, of course, retro arcades!

Come play our growing collection of original classic arcade games and modern pinball machines. Shop our retail store for novelty items and console gaming from all generations. Whether you want to play a few rounds or buy video games from retro to modern, we got you covered! We have two locations that offer the same experience.

Always buying video games! We buy all video games and video gaming consoles from all generations. No appointment needed, just bring your collection to sell to us during business hours. We even do house calls for large collections!

With over 70 vintage arcade cabinets to choose from, the Arcade Age exhibit will be open for free play all day. Come check out some new additions such as Donkey Kong 3, Golden Axe, Marvel vs. Capcom and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

"People naturally gravitate to Pac-Man and Mario Bros. Those games transcend generations across the board," says Keane. "They like the simplicity of them. Both are very easy to just pick up and play."

"It will be a max of 32 people in a single elimination tournament. Everyone gets matched up and plays against each other once," says Albino. "Once an hour, we are going to run pickup games of Mario Kart: Double Dash!! for Nintendo GameCube. The winners will get a gift certificate to spend in the vendor room."

Greg McLemore parks his dark blue Tesla Model S outside an unmarked office building on a quiet street in Pasadena, Calif. The 47-year-old Internet entrepreneur is about to close escrow on the space, and he fiddles with his key in the front door lock and wends his way through a series of empty offices before arriving at his destination: a cavernous warehouse that holds more than 100 brightly colored arcade games, all protected under plastic.

In 2000, McLemore became the manager of the Killer List of Videogames, an online encyclopedia of coin-operated games. The website is a reference center as well as a collector community with extensive message forums. Monthly traffic averages 150,000 visitors generating 3 million page views. McLemore has also established the nonprofit International Arcade Museum Library for preserving research material and hosting exhibitions on the history of coin-operated games.

To receive more information on your gaming systems, party rentals,bar, restaurant & arcade rentals, or to schedule a tour, pleasefill in your information below and someone will be in touch with youshortly!

We're not just talking about the recent Google Maps gimmick. With Gen-Xers entering their prime years for disposable income and/or midlife crises, classic arcade games are undergoing a nostalgia-fueled revival.

Picking up on a trend in cities from Brooklyn to San Diego, Phoenix soon will get its first retro-arcade bar, the Cobra Arcade, with plans to open in early summer on Second Street in downtown Phoenix. And this weekend, the third annual ZapCon Arcade and Pinball Convention will cater to geeks of a certain age in Mesa with more than 200 cabinet and pinball games, plus an Atari Lounge and Nintendo Lounge for folks who miss their old-school home systems.

"Zack wanted to buy some games for a home arcade, and that seemed like a good place to do it. So we drove out there with a U-Haul and just had a mind-blowing experience. We thought, 'How come no one is doing this in Arizona?' So we took it upon ourselves to do it."

After drawing more than 1,000 visitors last year, ZapCon is moving from the Renaissance Phoenix Downtown Hotel to the Mesa Convention Center. Expanded offerings include such top titles as Space Invaders, along with more obscure games, most of them on loan from private collectors.

Among the novelties this year will be Space Paranoids. That was a fictional arcade title from the 1982 Disney film "Tron," which was re-created as a real game in 2009 as part of the marketing push for the sequel, "Tron: Legacy."

The Switch Online service provides players with access to an instant library of NES and SNES games, but many still argue that they would rather have a larger library of classic games that they can buy individually, as with the Virtual Console service on the Wii, Wii U and 3DS.

What some may not realise is that the Switch actually has over 1,300 retro games in its library already, meaning players with a soft spot for the good old days already have healthy access to a host of titles.