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Fire Emblem Path Of Radiance[JPN]

Fire Emblem Path Of Radiance[JPN]

Fire Emblem Path Of Radiance[JPN]

Fire Emblem Path Of Radiance[JPN] (ファイアーエムブレム 蒼炎の軌跡, Fire Emblem: Path of the Blue Flame) is a tactical role-playing game developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo for the GameCube console. It is the ninth game in the Fire Emblem series, and the third to be released outside Japan. The game was released on April 20, 2005 in Japan, October 17, 2005 in North America, November 4, 2005 in Europe and December 1, 2005 in Australia .


The game is set on the fictional continent of Tellius, where humans (called beorc) and shapeshifters (called laguz) coexist. The game follows the story of Ike, a young mercenary who leads a group of fighters to defend the kingdom of Crimea from the invasion of the neighboring kingdom of Daein. Along the way, Ike and his allies encounter various characters and factions, and uncover a dark plot that threatens to plunge the continent into war. The game features a turn-based combat system, where players move their units on a grid-based map and engage enemies in battles. The game also introduces new gameplay elements, such as a new race of laguz, a skill system, a biorhythm system, and full voice acting and 3D graphics.


Fire Emblem Path Of Radiance[JPN] is a tactical role-playing game, where players control a group of characters across multiple scenarios. The game consists of two main modes: story mode and trial map mode. In story mode, players follow the main plot of the game through a series of chapters, each with a specific objective to complete. In trial map mode, players can access extra maps that are not part of the main story, and challenge themselves with different objectives and difficulties.

The gameplay revolves around positioning characters on a battlefield to defeat an opposing force. Each character has a class that determines their abilities and stats, such as strength, speed, defense, and magic. Characters can also equip different weapons and items that affect their performance in combat. Each weapon has a durability that decreases with each use, and breaks when it reaches zero. Weapons also have a weight that affects the character's speed and accuracy. Additionally, each weapon belongs to one of three categories: swords, lances, and axes. These categories form a weapon triangle that gives advantages and disadvantages depending on the matchup. For example, swords are effective against axes, but weak against lances.

Each character also has a level that indicates their experience and growth. Characters gain experience points by participating in battles, healing allies, or using items. When a character reaches 100 experience points, they level up and increase their stats randomly. When a character reaches level 21 or higher, they can promote to an advanced class that grants them new skills and abilities. Some characters can also change their class through special items or events.

The game also features a new race of characters called laguz. Laguz are shapeshifters who can transform into animals such as cats, tigers, hawks, or dragons. Laguz have two forms: human and beast. In human form, they have low stats and cannot attack or use items. In beast form, they have high stats and can attack with their claws or fangs. Laguz can transform by using an item called an Olivi Grass, or by filling up their transformation gauge over time. The transformation gauge decreases when the laguz is in beast form or when they are attacked by certain weapons.

Another new feature is the skill system. Skills are special abilities that characters can learn or inherit from their class or items. Skills can provide passive bonuses or active effects that trigger under certain conditions. For example, the skill Adept allows the character to attack twice in one turn if their speed is higher than the enemy's. Each character has a limited amount of skill points that determines how many skills they can equip at once.

The game also introduces a biorhythm system that affects the characters' performance in battle. Biorhythm is a cycle that changes every turn and influences the character's hit rate and avoid rate. Biorhythm has four stages: best, good, normal, and bad. When a character's biorhythm is at its best or good stage, they have higher hit rate and avoid rate than normal. When it is at its normal or bad stage, they have lower hit rate and avoid rate than normal.


The game is set on the continent of Tellius, where humans (called beorc) and shapeshifters (called laguz) coexist. The continent is divided into seven nations: Crimea, Daein, Begnion, Gallia, Phoenicis, Kilvas, and Goldoa. The game begins when Daein invades Crimea, a beorc kingdom that is allied with Gallia, a laguz nation of beast tribes. The invasion is led by King Ashnard, a ruthless ruler who seeks to conquer the continent and unleash a dark power.

The game's protagonist is Ike, a young mercenary who works for his father Greil, the leader of the Greil Mercenaries. Ike and his comrades are hired by Princess Elincia, the sole survivor of the royal family of Crimea, to escort her to Gallia and seek refuge. Along the way, they are joined by other characters from different nations and backgrounds, such as Soren, a tactician and Ike's childhood friend; Titania, a former knight of Crimea and Greil's second-in-command; Oscar, Boyd, and Rolf, three brothers who work as mercenaries; Shinon and Gatrie, two skilled archers and knights; Rhys, a gentle priest; Mia, a swordswoman who seeks a worthy rival; Ilyana, a mage with a huge appetite; Marcia, a pegasus knight who searches for her brother; Lethe and Mordecai, two laguz from Gallia who assist Elincia; Volke, a mysterious assassin; Kieran, a hot-headed knight of Crimea; Brom and Nephenee, two villagers who join the resistance; Zihark, a swordmaster who sympathizes with the laguz; Sothe, a thief who follows Ike; Jill, a wyvern rider from Daein who defects to Ike's side; Astrid, a noblewoman who joins the mercenaries; Makalov, a gambler and Marcia's brother; Tormod, a mage who leads a group