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Chit Fund Software Excel

EChitFund: Chit Fund Management Software for chit money eChitFund is usually a full ERP remedy for chit fund businesses. EChitFund software is usually designed specifically to fulfill the distinctive requirements óf chit fund and kuriés businesses by supplying an incorporated accounting package, subscribers management, agent administration, public sale and prize management. EChitFund will be web based and is built module wise to obtain effectively personalized as per the requirements of the chit fund client.

Chit Fund Software Excel

You can provide secured online entry to it users also, members can discover next payment information, quantity to end up being compensated along with Loan information etc. It comprises of all the essential functions and amenities which required to streamlining your chit fund actions. EChitFund software will be easy and easy to know. A individual having fundamental computer understanding can master this software in No right time. EChitfund Key Features. Function from anyplace You can take care of your Chit Finance routines from anyplace, anytime. All you need is usually a internet web browser and an internet link.

Its that simple!. Website Integration Online Entry to Members/Subscribers. Online gain access to to subscribers or associates, Integrate with your existing website. SMS Intimation and Notifications Send Intimation/Auction Information through SMS/email. SMS notifications wiIl add one moré advantage tó chit fund businéss and will heIp your resource bé in advance óf the competitors.

Public sale dates checklist. Prized prospect list New Reports. Lien Confirmation Report. Prize Money Commitment Report. Daily Deal List. echitFund provides a variety of chit fund programs to accommodate to the needs of various business sections.

The primary editions provided by echitfund are usually Basic, Regular Enterprise. EChitFund Customer Recommendations. Omisha Chit Fund Pvt. 'eChitFund provides a excellent alternative, with a solid toolset allowing customization, marketing, easy item as well as effective reporting, providing us real time understanding into what is happening' Pimpri Pune-411018. VVR Chit 'Thank you for producing like a great product. It has sleek and enhanced the high quality of our service and offers ended up a very worthwhile purchase.'

Kanyakumari-629165, Tamil Nadu. Navachethana Chits Company.Pvt.Ltd 'Software is usually a Simple and simple to use, team offers extremely good chit fund site understanding also.' Balmatta Road, Mangalore-575001.

MazeChit is a user-friendly chit fund software that can be easily accessed anywhere, any time without constraints. The chit fund management service can be integrated into a laptop, desktop or any smart mobile device. So the owner of the chit fund or the admin can access the reports, updates and transactions from multi-location.

Works equally well in offline and online mode by providing great clarity and efficiency. The user can access and download emails, group posts and web pages even when he is offline with this application. This online chit fund software solution is effective offline and online for users who are on the move, even when there is no Internet access.

The security of information given by the member is protected by encrypted passwords, user based rights and auto logouts. The information uploaded into the chit fund application will not at any point be disclosed to anyone. No one can have access to the details as it is well secured with a firewall on priority.

The updates on the payments and notification details are sent through emails and SMS services. The very purpose of this online chit fund software is to keep the members informed about everyday updates. As soon as a member pays an instalment, he will be notified with an SMS on receipt of the amount.

Similarly, when there are any dues to be paid by the subscribers, you can send a reminder SMS to them for follow up and payment. Instant SMS alerts and email services help the chit fund proprietor and the members to experience a smooth communication without a hassle.

Mazechit's integrated mobile app can be installed in smartphones for complete and quick coordination between the administrator, clients and the customers. The prerequisite for using this app is a good mobile network or Wi-Fi. Using mobile Apps for the business allows the chit fund owner the flexibility in carrying out paperless transactions and complete transparency in collections, SMS notifications, auction schedules and facility to track down collections agents and their location. The subscribers find this App very helpful to follow up on their chit fund account as well.

Custom designed, attractive dashboard to make it exclusively custom made for your company. Customers have the choice of installing the best-suited package offered by us. Are you confused about which package to buy? We can help customize your chit fund software to your business requirements.

The last one year of using MazeChit software for my business has been excellent and positive. My business process is faster and regularized due to the automated communications that otherwise will take a lot of time. The flexibility of working from office or anywhere, online or offline has given me a great work-life balance. 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