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Mature Seamed Stockings

SoCal Latina Lola Martin takes all of Lexington Steele! Wearing fishnet stockings, she wraps around his BBC and blows him before he slams her pussy & cums in her mouth! Full video at!

mature seamed stockings

They arrived earlier this week and I had a business trip, and despite being super tired due to the heavy work schedule, I could not let the occasion pass and offered a bit of sleep time to dress up. So here we go with the first of the two to share with you. I decided to go for a red leather top and my red-heeled pumps and obviously my favorite nude seamed stockings. Well, I must say I love the skirt not only on the commercial picture, but also n my own bum, and how about you?

New yellow dress, crossed legged in fully fashioned black stockings and suspenders and Louboutin heels, enjoying a cigarette. Something for the long nail and anklet fetishists too. Hope you enjoy a simple relaxing video, do let me know as always x

OK, here's the last white leather pic for a while, will show you some other outfits next, but since last upload was liked by quite some people, and it was in seamed stockings, thought to enter the weekend with the seamsview. And garter strap bumps off course :)

These classic Body Wrappers Adult Seamed Fishnet Tights combine style, versatility and durability for hours of comfortable wear. Designed for ultimate comfort these fishnet tights are seamed down the back of the leg, ultra-soft and are a true essential for the serious dancer. These tights are also available in children's sizes.

British gilf Sensual Caroline loves wearing her black long dress without knickers just tights (brand NEW video available in Full HD 1080P). Bonus video: Big boobed mature Eva Jayne gets busy with dildo.

Blonde & Brunette Cougars Charlee Chase & Deauxma are having some afternoon sex when Charlee's husband catches her eating Deauxma's delicious pussy! Apologetic, Charlee invites her hubby into both their mature mouths in this nut busting

We had gone to a friend's daughter's wedding. Margaret looked stunning in her heels and seamed stockings. Almost as soon as we were at the reception, which was held right next door to where we lived, three young guys in their early twenties came up for a chat. One of them told me I had a hot sexy wife and she looked great in stockings, and they hoped they would get to see more as the evening wore on.

He had suggested a walk out in the garden to get some cool air as it was hot inside. Once away from the house he had commented that she looked sexy and he had noticed her getting plenty of attention from the three young guys. They had walked to the top of the garden where there was a picnic table and she had sat on it. Ian had stood in front of her, looking down at her legs. He asked if she liked to be the centre of attention, then slid his hand along her calf and up her thigh, moving the hem of her dress further up and giving him a good view of her stocking tops. She'd had a few glasses of wine, so was feeling quite good with it. He told her he'd have to pop around after work one night and have a better look. Then he went back to the reception. I asked how she felt. She said horny; the young guys had been saying quite naughty things to her all night and getting a quick feel when they thought they could get away with it. A short time after we said our goodnights and started to walk down the drive to ours, we heard footsteps behind and it was the three young guys. They caught us up and asked if we could recommend somewhere for them to stay the night as they hadn't booked anything. The town was busy as there was a big convention on so we knew that rooms were few and far between. We chatted a little while and asked if they had gotten anywhere from our earlier conversation. A quick look from her to me, and I whispered they wanted to see her stockings properly, not just a glimpse. She walked quietly down the side of the house to the entrance away from the sight of the other house and slowly pulled her skirt up above her stockings. I told the boys quietly to go and see if they could get a closer look. There is always one pushier than the others; he didn't hesitate and put his arm around her, gave her a kiss, and his other hand went straight to her tits. She didn't object so he opened her blouse. She looked so hot. She did push him away, though, and went inside. I told them to go in and see what happened.Once inside, she organised a drink for everyone. She sat on the sofa, two of the guys on the floor and one beside her. I sat in one of the armchairs. She looked so hot, skirt halfway up her thighs, one leg crossed over the other; she would change legs nice and slow.

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